Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

ROLE : The Role of the Organization / Foundation :  “Man Making Workshop.”

AIM : The Aim of the Organization / Foundation : “One Who Save Others Life and protect himself follows the religion.”

MISSION : The Mission of the Organization / Foundation : “To secure upcoming Indian future by changing the superstition conventional primitive thought which is the foremost social barrier to grow up Incredible India.”

VISION : The Vision of the Organization / Foundation : “The Appearance of the new centers the previous.”

AMBITION : The Ambition of the Organization / Foundation : “To Re – Establish Honesty, Peace, Unity and Love in the World.”

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES : The Organization / Foundation have twenty nine (29) specific objects.

Vision & MissionMAIN OBJECTIVES :

  1. To Developed the Mentality, Thoughts and Consciousness of Human.
  2. To Developed, established and grow up Responsible Youth in India.
  3. To reach the remotest villages of India, to provide and increases the various type of Awareness & Counseling.
  4. To Develop the Internal Literacy level of India.
  5. To Develop the people Health of India.
  6. To Develop Nature & Wildlife, Friendly and Habitable Environment.
  7. To Develop the legal literacy level of India.
  8. To Develop the National Economy and Reduce the Unemployment.
  9. To provide essentials Emergency and Rescue Services.
  10. To construct a Network for the National Development.
  11. To form a special characterized band for national – interest, conscious, motivation, empowerment, social mobilization and social security.
  12. To action against all the human prosperity, illegal anti – social, poaching, trafficking activities.
 Mission 2025

Vision of Mission 2025

centered on 6 key areas

  • eKranti  
  • eGovernance  
  • Digital Literacy & IT for all  
  • Skill India  
  • People Participation  
  • Entrepreneur  

Object of Mission 2025 :

  1. Open more than 2.65 lakhs DISHA authorized Centre’s (CSC, CSP & VTP) in every Gram Panchayats level of India
  2. A Single Universal Helpline Toll Free Number for India
  3. Buildup platform of the dream projects and planning of REF
  4. Buildup & growup the platform and citizen mentality for the upcoming nation building - project, programme and mission of Govt. of India
  5. Enroll 50 million household under Universal Digital Literacy and Information & Technology for all
  6. Provide Training & Certified to the 40 million Non Certified Skilled and Unemployed youth of India
  7. Skilled & trained to 10 million Unemployed & Unskilled youths of India
  8. Enroll 40 million Unemployed, Dropout School Students, Frustrated and Depressed youth of India under TOTP program
  9. Engaged more than 2 lakhs Motivator in every Gram Panchayat level of India
  10. Buildup Jan Bhagidari Committee (JBC), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Indian Youth Army (IYA) SPRODEKTORS, network and in every Gram Panchayat level under Disha Centre
  11. Buildup more than 3 lakhs Skilled Entrepreneurs in India
  12. Provide lone with 0% interest to the DISHA Entrepreneurs